Legislative Assembly Candidate

Mark Preston was born and raised in Newcastle and moved to Sydney to pursue his career. Mark’s career includes an untarnished 25 years with Fire & Rescue NSW (formerly NSW Fire Brigades) including three years as a retained fireman in Raymond Terrace-Newcastle. He also spent two years with Ambulance NSW.

Mark’s career now involves Facilities Management in Aged Care, as well as running a small business for the last 10 years serving St George & Sutherland Shire. Mark has also been a Volunteer with the NSW State Emergency Service. In giving so much to the community, Mark has been a recipient of NSW Awards for Service & Commendation, NSW Premiers Award for Service 1994 Sydney Fire Emergency, National Service Medal & Clasps for 15-20-25years Service, and the NSW Fire Brigades LSGC Medal. Since leaving School Mark has given to community either paid or as a volunteer, some 32 years.

Mark’s passionate about his community and his Country, and lives by the ‘fair go’ motto: “A hard day’s work never hurts anyone”.

Mark is concerned about our natural resources and the mismanagement of our natural waterways. He also cares about our native animals and their habitats. Mark has predominantly lived in the Oatley and St George area since coming to Sydney. He’s passionate about preserving its heritage, serenity and ensuring tall towers of units don’t creep in. Mark wants to ensure State owned infrastructure is kept by the State and stop privatisation.

Issues that Mark will stand for include:

  • Cap developments in Oatley, Mortdale, Penshurst – No High-Rise Units at all.
  • Emergency services to be provided for better (in terms of improved Stations, more efficient vehicles and better pay and conditions).
  • Ensure that we have fairer and lessor road tolls – the cost imposed on families and small businesses is unfair.
  • Preserve our State Parks.
  • Abolish Pay Roll Tax on all Apprentices and Traineeships (businesses should not suffer through employing Apprentices & Trainees).