NSW One Nation today announces Neil Turner as our Lower House candidate for the seat of Maitland. Neil has lived in the Hunter region for nine years and works in the mining industry as a fitter machinist. Neil has engaged in a continuous learning process, has a Diploma of Business and studied draughting. Repairing and building machinery is one of his passions.

Neil says, “I have been a long time supporter of Pauline Hanson and first joined the party in the late nineties. When I heard Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech it really struck a chord. I feel that we have been let down by the major parties and in many ways we could be doing much better. I feel let down that after our Electricity network was privatised and sold off, we now have to pay more for electricity and our manufacturing sector is under more stress with higher costs reducing their competitiveness. I lived in the bush for many years and saw our agricultural sector compete internationally against countries which subsidised their products.

“I see things in my own neighbourhood that can and should be done better. This region is the powerhouse of New South Wales and the finances generated here push forward many projects in the state, however little of those finances are spent here. Vast suburbs are being created with little thought of traffic conjestion. We should be planning more effectively.

“Due to the projected growth of more than 12,000 new dwellings in the next 15 years, the need for more schools and a new hospital should be in the construction phase by now. I believe policies of One Nation do strike a chord with people – and the quicker we get people elected to office the more we can make change happen.

“I would like better ways of dealing with family breakups and the senseless financial costs imposed on people. Plus, getting youth more engaged in social and community activites. I am a fixer and a builder and I would like to bring the brightest minds together, young and old to find innovative ways to bring a great lifestyle and enjoyment to Maitland.”

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