NSW One Nation today announces Rod Roberts as our Upper House candidate. Rod has retired from NSW Police Force where he served as a Detective and Sergeant for nearly 20 years. Rod has lived in Goulburn since 1991 – he has 28 years’ experience of living in a rural community. He will be focusing on issues facing Country and Regional NSW during the state campaign and visiting areas across the state for discussions with local communities.

Rod says: “One Nations policies, platforms and philosophy align very closely with my own beliefs. Like many others I am disappointed and disenchanted with the two major parties. I believe One Nation is the only strong and viable alternative. Being a small party One Nation is not restricted and bound, in policy by allegiances to donors, be it big corporate entities or trade unions. It is a party that represents everybody including the everyday mums and dads of NSW, which have recently been neglected by the major parties. One Nation policies are for the betterment of the State as a whole and not to represent vocal minority groups. I believe One Nation provides a common sense, practical, logical and straightforward approach to everyday problems faced by the community of NSW.”

Rod Roberts is Mark Latham’s running mate and will be number two on the ticket.

Read NSW One Nation’s policies here >>

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