One Nation NSW today announces Mick Jackson as our no.3 Upper House Candidate. Mick grew up in South-West Sydney and resides in the Camden area. He is currently a Train Driver with a background in Police and Emergency Services. He is involved with his local Rural Fire Brigade and SES Unit. Mick is also the State Director for One Nation NSW and sits on the State Executive.

Mick’s involvement in politics and the party started a little over two years ago when, fed up with the two-party duopoly, he wanted to give people in NSW and Australia a viable third choice.

Mick says: “In NSW we’ve had eight years of a left leaning, self-serving, asset selling LNP Government. Preceding that we had 16 years of Labor Government plagued with incompetence and corruption. The people of NSW deserve better. I’m keen on listening to the community and representing their actual needs and concerns – this is currently missing from politics at all levels and has been for some time.”
Mick’s local policy focus will be (but not limited to):

  • An end PC to madness – abolishment of gender employment quotas (especially within the Public Sector, for a return to praising hard work ethic where recruitment is merit based)
  • A sustainable, workable plan for lower immigration – Sydney needs a breather so jobs, transport infrastructure, schools, hospitals and services can catch up to the rapid population increase.
  • Support for our Police and Emergency Services.

Behind the scenes, Mick is leading our co-ordination efforts for Election Day and looking for supporters to assist Mark and the NSW Team on polling booths across the State. Please let him know how you can help at:

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