A Vote for Helen Dalton is a Vote for Labor

Statement by Mark Latham, NSW One Nation Leader

10 March 2019

The Shooters’ candidate for Murray, Helen Dalton, is trying to deceive voters in the electorate.

She has pledged to support a Michael Daley Labor Government in a hung NSW Parliament. This is in return for receiving Labor preferences.

Yet in past elections 80 percent of people in Murray have voted against the Labor Party. They don’t want Daley to be the Premier with his green environmental policies.

Dalton is set to become the Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott of NSW politics: representing a very conservative seat yet backing the Labor Party into government.

In The Australian newspaper on Friday the Shooters all but declared victory in Murray, leaking that their “internal polling shows the primary vote of the Shooters in (Murray) is in the high 20s and the Nationals in the low 30s. With Labor preferences expected to go straight to the Shooters”, they expect to win.

Dalton is only receiving Labor preferences because she will support a Labor Government in what is expected to be a hung NSW Parliament.

Dalton is backing Labor’s agenda for green water policies, an Indigenous Treaty, gender fluidity in schools and a zero-carbon NSW economy. This means the destruction of industry and jobs in Murray.

Our One Nation candidate Tom Weyrich is independent of the Labor Party. He will never support a Labor Government wanting to legislate for a zero carbon NSW economy, with its industry and job destroying impact on this electorate.

He will never support a Labor Government in bed with The Greens supplying less water for farmers. He will fight hard for the people of Murray, implementing his policies for more water, more timber jobs and more hospital funding

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  1. Graham Bunnett
    Graham Bunnett says:

    Indeed One Nation, we will definitely be following and supporting your vision and strong principles for the Real Australia


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