Mark had an interesting chat with Michael McLaren on 2GB about Morrison’s announcement that the Coalition will proceed with plans to cut Australia’s permanent migration cap.

This is part of a series of unconvincing announcements from Yes-No Sco-Mo. It’s not credible when a government is clearly acting because there’s an election coming up. Sco-Mo is just playing politics.

Listen to my interview here >>…/

NSW One Nation actually has a policy plan to substantially reduce immigration and wind back over-development to save Sydney:

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  1. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    There is no will in either Liberal or Labor to reduce immigration. You have the Liberals fearing the usual one label fits all situations of being called “Racist” and Labor will not let a hit be taken on their new electoral base. Unfortunately it is going to take the stark realities of what is happening now to hit the inner city technopops before anything happens. And then I am still sceptical.


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