Good piece in Penrith Press about our visit this morning. We announced our local candidate and how One Nation plans to tackle overcrowding:

“One Nation’s NSW leader Mark Latham made the journey to Penrith on Friday morning to announce Lapstone-based security trainer Carl Halley is the party’s candidate for the upcoming March state election.

“Standing alongside Mr Halley at Penrith station, Mr Latham raised the local issues he planned to target, with over-population and over-development his main priorities.

“We want to address the issues affecting the local community and top of the list is over-population and over-development, where there are a number of people moving in that it is almost impossible for the government to plan and provide the services that are needed,” Latham told the Press…”

Read the article in full here.

You can read our NSW One Nation policies in full here.

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