Dale McNamara is a great Australian success story. He’s a self-made man with extensive business experience and success in the coal mining, agricultural, horse racing and hospitality industries – covering the wide economic diversity of the Upper Hunter Seat.

Dale is a Singleton local, born and bred and having lived here all his life.

His life story, from his humble beginnings, is one of getting things done, helping local organisations and causes and employing many Hunter Valley residents.

“Dale is a great, mainstream, successful person and at Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party we are delighted in having him as our candidate”.

Mr McNamara has:

Worked as a coal miner for over a decade and been involved in the coal industry for 40 years;
Invested successfully in companies like PPK, GE Mining and Industrea, with important management roles in each firm; and
Resurrected buildings and companies employing people in many Hunter industries.
Dale’s first priority is economic development – protecting coal jobs and assisting every industry in the Upper Hunter that can help bring down unemployment and give young people here a strong future.

The election takes place on the 22nd of May and I need your help.

You will notice over the next few weeks things really start to ramp up from all parties.

However, unlike the major parties, we don’t have big donors like unions or corporations. We run our campaigns with the help of volunteers and with community support.

If you can help with any of the following please let me know and I will contact you to coordinate.Road Siding – if you have a spare hour or two to wave at cars and show a presence in the electorate it would be greatly appreciated. We need to let people know they have an alternative option to vote for. Join me or regularly find a nice spot and let people know we are here.

Signage – if you are able to put a sign up on your fence for the month of the election this would be fantastic

ELECTION DAY- THIS IS THE MOST CRITICAL – I need all hands on deck to assist at all the polling stations handing out How to Vote Cards and putting up and taking down signage at the polling booths. We still are not 100% on how this will work with the current COVID Health concerns – however, we will absolutely do this safely.

Social Media – this is the easy one- please follow my Facebook page and share our posts. We need to let more people know about who we are and what our ideas are. I have been shocked to hear so many people don’t really know all the great things and common sense things One Nation stands for.
I really look forward to hearing back from everyone and meeting you all over the coming weeks. Let’s make a difference. It’s time for the silent majority to make themselves heard!

Please email or contact me using the details below with your information and what your availability is and how you can assist the campaign.
Email:  dale.mcnamara@nsw.onenation.org.au
Web: https://www.dalemcnamara.com.au
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DaleMcNamara.PHON

Again, it is my absolute honour to be fighting for your voice in Parliament. We are a party with fewer resources than Labor with their union donations and Nationals with their big corporates, but with your help and by listening to the people, I believe we can achieve real change for the betterment of our great state.

Yours sincerely,

Dale McNamara