Good piece in The Western Weekender about my trip to Penrith:

“I’ve looked at a lot of the policy areas in NSW and the reality is that Labor and Liberal are very similar,” Mr Latham told the Weekender.

“What we’re offering is an alternative for people to solve problems in a commonsense way, to cut the immigration program, to end over-development and to have a more sustainable and appealing lifestyle in western Sydney.”

Read the article in full here.

You can read NSW One Nation policies in full here >>

I had a great chat with George and Paul on 2GB. We talked about the good old-fashioned fun of the Elvis festival in Parkes, plus the more serious issue of Sydney becoming unliveable.

The current rate of growth is unsustainable – no one voted for this urban sprawl.

People vote on results. No wonder people are unhappy with the Berejiklian government.

You can read NSW One Nation’s policy plan ‘Saving Sydney’ here >>

I had a great chat with Chris Kenny on 2GB last night. We talked about where the Coalition’s going wrong – and what Shorten’s getting right.

Labor want to turn finance into an investment agency, turning taxpayer’s money into a casino. This is a major policy nightmare that every Australian should be aware of when thinking about Labor.

Also be aware: big immigration is propping up the country. That’s not good economic management. The economy isn’t working for the average Australian family.

Plus, the quality of the policy debate has declined. We must correct that.

Listen to the chat here.

You can read NSW One Nation policies here >>

Mark had an interesting chat with Michael McLaren on 2GB about Morrison’s announcement that the Coalition will proceed with plans to cut Australia’s permanent migration cap.

This is part of a series of unconvincing announcements from Yes-No Sco-Mo. It’s not credible when a government is clearly acting because there’s an election coming up. Sco-Mo is just playing politics.

Listen to my interview here >>…/

NSW One Nation actually has a policy plan to substantially reduce immigration and wind back over-development to save Sydney:

Mark had a good chat with Luke Grant at 2GB about the NSW One Nation immigration plan and more.

Listen here >>