NSW One Nation today, announces Janet Kayes as one of our Legislative Council Candidates. Janet will be number 4 on the ticket.

Janet would bring to Parliament a wide range of experience having been self-employed for over 40 years. She has manufactured ultra violet swimwear for the Cancer Council in addition to exporting. With imports flooding the market, it became difficult to compete in manufacturing. To support her family, as a single mum with four children, she retrained in real estate. Janet is a fully Licensed Real Estate Agent with 22 years’ experience and now works independently through her Boutique Agency.

She brings with her a host of life experiences; she is a hard and a tenacious worker. To sustain her family over the years, she took on second jobs, working of a night, including a Biosecurity Officer.

Janet says, “I’m standing for One Nation as they have the courage and fortitude to state openly, and passionately what the hard working, salt of the earth population is crying out for. Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham aren’t ‘cringing in a corner’ like politicians in the mainstream parties, who are being governed by the hysterical, fear mongering of minority groups. One Nation is pushing back to bring back a true, transparent democracy. Our politicians aren’t listening; they are turning their backs on the wishes of the people and have a ‘holier-than-thou attitude’.

“Our children are being indoctrinated by a bland, dumbing down education system. NSW has turned into a nanny state and Australia is looking down the barrel of being a third world country. I have the fire in my belly and want to stand up and be counted on behalf of future generations.

“I’m passionate about the loss of our freedom of speech, the gag on transparency and democracy which is now at a gallop. We are being deceived, manipulated and lied to by the omission of truth. Suppression Orders in our Courts have doubled since 2011. Some crimes are being committed with anonymity in addition to some statements of facts being withheld. In many cases the law spends more time and effort protecting the guilty instead of the victims. We are not experiencing open justice.

 “One Nation is a ‘no nonsense’ party, straight shooting and speaking out for the frustrated silent majority. They are giving us a voice and making us feel more empowered to make sure that our future generations will not be shackled by this ongoing political correctness, which is out of control.”

Read NSW One Nation policies here >>

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