NSW One Nation today announces Thomas Weyrich as our Candidate for the State Seat of Murray. Thomas is a 62-year-old motor mechanic, operating a business in Moama which employs three people. This year is his 40th wedding anniversary and September this year marks 20 years as a local government councillor. Thomas has also been Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the Murray Shire.

Thomas was a previous member of the National Party around 15 years ago for a short time.

Thomas says, “The water issue is of great concern to people of regional NSW. I’ve said for many years that good knowledge and good science don’t have a place in this debate.

“I believe there are political reasons that we are in this mess – and the Nats don’t appear to be too concerned. Indeed, they are the junior members of the Coalition.

“The Nats promised to reverse decisions around State Forests and National Parks – it hasn’t happened. Infrastructure is also concern and spending $20 million on a police station that’s only half occupied is not satisfactory either. Having been in small business most of my adult life, and being a councilor, holds me in good stead to deal with major issues.”

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