NSW One Nation today announces Gaye Cameron as our Legislative Assembly candidate for the Seat of Miranda. Gaye is married, living with her husband and daughter in Sylvania, Gaye’s career spans 30 years including all tiers of Government, Private Sector, Education Sector, and Non-for-Profit areas, specialising in risk management, health & safety, and emergency management. 

Gaye has also been actively involved as a volunteer for 13 years with the NSW State Emergency Service, where she was the Local Controller/ Area Commander for the City of Randwick. Gaye has witnessed first hand the devastation of disasters on local communities, including floods, storms, and fires. Gaye has also been on many State and Local Planning Committees, including the recent Sutherland Shire Flood Planning Committee. Based on Gaye’s experiences and education, she will be focusing on many local issues affecting the residents of Miranda.

Some of Gaye’s key areas of focus will be (but not limited to):

* Over-development and congestion in Miranda

* Bringing back trades: Apprenticeships & Traineeships (University is not for everyone)

* Improved Transport – buses and extended hours

* Holding down road-user charges to a reasonable, affordable level

* Making the NSW Workers Compensation system fairer

* Swim to Live – all Primary School Children to Learn to Swim

* Aged Care – Client to Carer Ratios & Implement Recommendations from Royal Commission

* Waterways & Streets – Clean up our waterways & re-tree our roads/streets

* Education – Lets get back to basics and remove socialist nanny state ideologies in the curriculum 

Gaye says: “Based on my own beliefs, experiences and life in general, One Nations policies and platform are aligned. Like many others, I feel disillusioned and betrayed by the two old major parties and how they continually deceive the people.

“One Nation will be a highly valuable, robust and tenacious alternative. Although One Nation is a small party, we are not restricted and bound in policy by allegiances to donors, be it big corporate entities or trade unions.

“One Nation is a party that represents everybody including the hard-working mums and dads of NSW, which in recent times, have been neglected by the major parties. One Nation policies are for the melioration of NSW as a whole, and not to represent vocal minority groups. One Nation provides a common sense, practical, logical and straightforward approach to everyday problems faced my fellow residents of Miranda, and the State of New South Wales.”

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