NSW One Nation today announces local businesswoman Emma Eros as our Candidate for the State Seat of Hornsby. Emma is a young mother, a grandmother and is married to an Australian plumber. She owns and runs a successful plumbing construction company and is a licensed plumber herself.

Over the course of a substantial career in business management, Emma says. “I have developed my professional practice from providing operations support and office management to Senior Management Executive (SME) positions into heading up my own business enterprises.”

As a proud Australian Muslim woman, Emma will be a great asset to Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party. She’s full of energy and fresh ideas for the many problems confronted by Hornsby and Australia. One of her main concerns for our area at present is the exceedingly poor infrastructure in and around the area.

The density building approvals that are being handed out are occurring prior to the greater need for infrastructure being adequately addressed.

The increased infrastructure which is exclusively required in Hornsby and is lagging way behind will contribute to the ever growing creation of traffic congestion. 

Emma is also passionate about hospital parking. She says, “Parking should be free at all times for hospital staff and free for the first three hours for any visitors. There should be a discount applied for families who are visiting long term patients on a regular basis.”

“These car parks were built with taxpayer money, so the taxpayer should get to decide what happens with them. Besides, hospital facilities should not be turned into a business by privatisation.”

Emma is equally concerned about the growing youth drug problem around Hornsby and the wider neighbourhood including the train stations that never seem to be tackled with any real solutions.

She says, “a workable solution must be found for the safety of the youth and the wider community.”

As a long time local, Emma is a common household name within Hornsby and brings to One Nation Party a wealth of business and personal experience.

Emma believes that Australia is, first and foremost, for Australians.

“We have been strengthened by the many that have preceded us, those who have come here to join us from far and wide. This strengthening tapestry of our nation has enriched our country and there are many success stories that have emerged from its weaving,” she says.

Emma is tired of the same problems that are raised time and time again by the same old tired politicians and feels that it is time for someone to lead the charge on these problems as Australians are sick and tired of Labor and Liberal.

Emma says, “The two major parties are basically the same. The way to get out of this two party trap is by voting for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. I’m happy to be a part of Pauline Hanson’s team and I look forward to contributing to its success as they continue our communities and the nation.”

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