Michael Byrne For Holsworthy: One Nation Will Build An Extra 3,000 Commuter Car Parking Spaces At Edmondson Park And Leppington Stations

Statement by Mark Latham, NSW One Nation Leader

I am delighted today to announce that the One Nation candidate for the seat of Holsworthy will be Michael Byrne, an experienced community leader and strong fighter for Liverpool.

His work over many decades at the East Liverpool Progress Association has been outstanding. Michael stands up for better government and a fairer deal for local people.

The lack of State Government planning to accommodate rapid population growth in Liverpool has been disgraceful.

This can be seen at Leppington and Edmondson Park railway stations each day. Even though they were opened just four years ago, the lack of commuter parking spaces has produced chaos, overcrowding and unsafe conditions on surrounding streets.

There can be no clearer demonstration of government failure than this basic neglect of sound planning in South-West Sydney.

Given the extra population growth projected at Leppington, west to the Badgerys Creek Airport site, the parking problem is just beginning.

Urgent action is needed to overcome the shortfall. This is why One Nation will use $90 million from its $200 million Commuter Car Parking Fund to build 1,500 extra parking spaces at Edmondson Park and 1,500 at Leppington.

Only One Nation has a fair dinkum policy. Labor has committed to just 300 extra parking spots at Leppington and the Liberals and Labor 700 new spaces at Edmondson Park.

This is nowhere near enough. The combined Labor/Liberal effort is only one-third of what’s needed.

Leppington currently has 850 spaces and under One Nation’s policy it will have 2350. Edmondson Park has a paltry 400 spots now, with One Nation taking this to 1900.

Only Michael Byrne will get the job done, delivering better government and planning for this fast-growing part of Sydney.

I also want to pay tribute to the tireless efforts of local campaigner Michael Andjelkovic and the many people who have signed his petitions calling for extra station parking. Michael has given this issue a profile no decent political party can ignore.

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