NSW One Nation today announces Richard Orchard as our Candidate for the State Seat of Goulburn. Richard has had a wealth of experience working in the real world and prides himself on being an “Ordinary Australian”. Currently he runs a small business, and also worked in Government. He worked as assistant for the late Alby Schultz (former Member for Hume) serving an apprenticeship in how to be a great local member, from a much-loved mentor.

Richard is a Vocational Teacher by Profession, having worked for NSW State Emergency Service throughout the Goulburn Electorate for 15 years, as a senior member for the State Learning and Development Team.

Before that Richard worked for Department of Primary Industries for 8 years and Corrections for 3 years. He is an expert in the field of Government.

Richard has lived in Goulburn for over 30 years, and loves the city and the surrounding communities. He is also involved in community theatre, and is a classically trained singer and sings weekly at the St Saviour’s Cathedral with the choir.

Thanks to his profession as a teacher, Richard is particularly passionate about improving Vocational Education and Training options for local students, and exploring ways of better targeting university courses to jobs that exist, and make this education free again.

Richard is interested in local issues – the 90% of things we can all agree on, including Hospitals, Schools, Roads, Public Transport, Jobs and Industry, and Rural Community and Agricultural Industries.

Richard says: “What the Goulburn electorate needs is a vocal LOCAL member, a person who will not be dragged off to be a Government Minister to leave the electorate to fend for itself. We also need a person who is not merely making up numbers in a Sydney run Government, with their puppet strings pulled by the faceless men of the Establishment Liberal and Labor Parties.

One Nation stands for delivering all the things we can agree on, the needs of all ordinary Australian people. As One Nation State Member, I will be able to loudly campaign for what we as ordinary people need – Health, Education, Transport, Roads, Energy Pricing, Cost of Living Pressures, and Jobs and the Local Economy.

The Sydney Elites like to call us “populists” as if that’s a bad thing. But a populist is someone who spends their time talking to their local constituents, finding out their needs from government, and representing those needs so that they get outcomes. For too long Elite Parties have had it all their own way – they get people elected, and then do exactly what they think is best for you. I guarantee to be your ears, your voice, and your champion – not a puppet with strings pulled from Sydney. Make no mistake – Mark Latham’s team CAN run a great government”

Read NSW One Nation’s policies here >>

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