NSW One Nation announces Amit Batish as our candidate for Blacktown. Amit is Australian with proud India heritage, married with two children and has enjoyed living in Blacktown for over 14 years. He has run his own small business for the past 12 years.

“These experiences combined means I understand the challenges that come both with raising a family and running a small business in Blacktown,” he says. “I want to see my local community thrive and genuinely want to try to solve issues and problems in this electorate.

“I’m a newcomer to the political arena, having become disillusioned with the lack of proactive solutions being put forward by the tired old major parties. I joined One Nation in early 2017 as it was the only party talking about the real issues facing real people. Since then I’ve been actively involved in the Western Sydney Regional Committee for the One Nation party. I bring an everyday Australian’s thought process to politics plus a fresh approach and solutions to the problems facing everyday Australians.

“For years I have seen the political elite making decisions without giving due consideration to what average Australians want. It seems both major parties are involved in appeasement politics trying to please one group or another. It’s about time that people like me, the everyday Australian, put their foot forward and bring the issues that affect us to the forefront.”

His top policy priorities for Blacktown are:

  • Saving Blacktown from over development and congestion.
  • Bring the education back to basics by repairing the curriculum and measuring teacher performance.
  • Reduction in electricity prices for households and small businesses.

Read all NSW One Nation policies here: https://nsw.onenation.org.au/policies/ 

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