NSW One Nation today announces Charlie Fenton will run in Wollondilly.

Mark Latham will be launching Charlie at The Royal Hotel in Bowral at 11am.

Charlie was previously a loyal member of the National Party (since 1986). He stood for the party in 2003 in the state seat of Port Macquarie. He advocated for the needs of rural communities but no longer felt the Nats was the right party for him.

The Nats’ loss is One Nation’s gain.

Charlie lives in the Southern Highlands where he breeds Dorper sheep and is heavily involved in the community.

Charlie says, “In many ways I feel that I have been in training for this job for 40 years. As a 4th generation publican, I have a genuine passion for seeing people, businesses and communities prosper. During four decades in the hotel game I have run pubs from Leeton to Taree, Sydney and the Southern Highlands. This has exposed me to people literally from every walk of life and equipped me with the skills to deal with the broadest cross-section of people.”

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One Nation NSW today announces Mick Jackson as our no.3 Upper House Candidate. Mick grew up in South-West Sydney and resides in the Camden area. He is currently a Train Driver with a background in Police and Emergency Services. He is involved with his local Rural Fire Brigade and SES Unit. Mick is also the State Director for One Nation NSW and sits on the State Executive.

Mick’s involvement in politics and the party started a little over two years ago when, fed up with the two-party duopoly, he wanted to give people in NSW and Australia a viable third choice.

Mick says: “In NSW we’ve had eight years of a left leaning, self-serving, asset selling LNP Government. Preceding that we had 16 years of Labor Government plagued with incompetence and corruption. The people of NSW deserve better. I’m keen on listening to the community and representing their actual needs and concerns – this is currently missing from politics at all levels and has been for some time.”
Mick’s local policy focus will be (but not limited to):

  • An end PC to madness – abolishment of gender employment quotas (especially within the Public Sector, for a return to praising hard work ethic where recruitment is merit based)
  • A sustainable, workable plan for lower immigration – Sydney needs a breather so jobs, transport infrastructure, schools, hospitals and services can catch up to the rapid population increase.
  • Support for our Police and Emergency Services.

Behind the scenes, Mick is leading our co-ordination efforts for Election Day and looking for supporters to assist Mark and the NSW Team on polling booths across the State. Please let him know how you can help at:


NSW One Nation today announces Gaye Cameron as our Legislative Assembly candidate for the Seat of Miranda. Gaye is married, living with her husband and daughter in Sylvania, Gaye’s career spans 30 years including all tiers of Government, Private Sector, Education Sector, and Non-for-Profit areas, specialising in risk management, health & safety, and emergency management. 

Gaye has also been actively involved as a volunteer for 13 years with the NSW State Emergency Service, where she was the Local Controller/ Area Commander for the City of Randwick. Gaye has witnessed first hand the devastation of disasters on local communities, including floods, storms, and fires. Gaye has also been on many State and Local Planning Committees, including the recent Sutherland Shire Flood Planning Committee. Based on Gaye’s experiences and education, she will be focusing on many local issues affecting the residents of Miranda.

Some of Gaye’s key areas of focus will be (but not limited to):

* Over-development and congestion in Miranda

* Bringing back trades: Apprenticeships & Traineeships (University is not for everyone)

* Improved Transport – buses and extended hours

* Holding down road-user charges to a reasonable, affordable level

* Making the NSW Workers Compensation system fairer

* Swim to Live – all Primary School Children to Learn to Swim

* Aged Care – Client to Carer Ratios & Implement Recommendations from Royal Commission

* Waterways & Streets – Clean up our waterways & re-tree our roads/streets

* Education – Lets get back to basics and remove socialist nanny state ideologies in the curriculum 

Gaye says: “Based on my own beliefs, experiences and life in general, One Nations policies and platform are aligned. Like many others, I feel disillusioned and betrayed by the two old major parties and how they continually deceive the people.

“One Nation will be a highly valuable, robust and tenacious alternative. Although One Nation is a small party, we are not restricted and bound in policy by allegiances to donors, be it big corporate entities or trade unions.

“One Nation is a party that represents everybody including the hard-working mums and dads of NSW, which in recent times, have been neglected by the major parties. One Nation policies are for the melioration of NSW as a whole, and not to represent vocal minority groups. One Nation provides a common sense, practical, logical and straightforward approach to everyday problems faced my fellow residents of Miranda, and the State of New South Wales.”


NSW One Nation today announces Rod Roberts as our Upper House candidate. Rod has retired from NSW Police Force where he served as a Detective and Sergeant for nearly 20 years. Rod has lived in Goulburn since 1991 – he has 28 years’ experience of living in a rural community. He will be focusing on issues facing Country and Regional NSW during the state campaign and visiting areas across the state for discussions with local communities.

Rod says: “One Nations policies, platforms and philosophy align very closely with my own beliefs. Like many others I am disappointed and disenchanted with the two major parties. I believe One Nation is the only strong and viable alternative. Being a small party One Nation is not restricted and bound, in policy by allegiances to donors, be it big corporate entities or trade unions. It is a party that represents everybody including the everyday mums and dads of NSW, which have recently been neglected by the major parties. One Nation policies are for the betterment of the State as a whole and not to represent vocal minority groups. I believe One Nation provides a common sense, practical, logical and straightforward approach to everyday problems faced by the community of NSW.”

Rod Roberts is Mark Latham’s running mate and will be number two on the ticket.

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One Nation introduces Robert (Bob) Bourne, who will run on our Legislative Council ticket. Bob comes from a long line of hoteliers and has been pushing for outcomes for hotels in NSW for more than 20 years. For over ten years he worked in Gosford District Criminal Court as Deputy Sheriff and he has also been a councillor for Gosford City Council.

“It is my desire to continue contributing to the community and the hospitality industry,” says Bob. “Whilst retaining my active and healthy lifestyle.”


NSW One Nation has announced Carl Halley as the candidate for Penrith. Carl Halley is originally from Winmalee, he’s married with two children and lives in Lapstone which is in the foot hills of the Blue Mountains near Penrith.

Carl heads up Tactical Hagana Azmit an education and defensive tactics training organization. He has over 30 years’ experience in the national and international security industry. He has personally taught and trained members of ASIO, Federal Police, Royal Australian Navy, NZ Police, Indonesian Counter Terrorism Police (Dansus 88 & Gagana) and NSW Police.

Carl joined One Nation in 2017 and is the current regional committee chairperson.

He joined PHON believing it was the party of the people and that One Nation is the party to keep Australian politics honest by giving the voting public a third option.

Carl’s goals in the electorate of Penrith are to focus on improving Public Transport, Education, Improve Nepean Hospital, Law and Order, stop the waste of taxpayer’s money and tackle over development.

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Statement by Mark Latham, NSW One Nation Leader

NSW Government planning documents reveal an impending population increase of 2 million people in Western Sydney, yet no commitment or funding allocation for a new public hospital.

In October the Planning Minister, Anthony Roberts, admitted that, “The State Government is laying the foundations for the development of a new city around (Badgerys Creek) Airport (the Aerotropolis) that when completed will be larger than Adelaide.”

Adelaide has a population of 1.3 million people. Combined with existing land and housing development in places like Oran Park, the total population increase in the Penrith-to-Camden corridor will be 2 million.

Amazingly, given the scale of urban development, the Berejiklian Government has not announced any plan for a new hospital to service this vast number of people.

The closest it has come is at page 48 of its Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis document, which talks of how: “NSW Health is investigating a site for an integrated health facility within the Aerotropolis in a metropolitan or strategic centre location supported by public transport. This could serve up to 250,000 people from around the Western Parkland City.”

Most likely, the ‘integrated health facility’ will be a series of primary care clinics. In any case, in meeting the needs of 250,000 people, it is still 1.75 million short in its servicing capacity for the surrounding population.

The Penrith/Camden corridor urgently needs State Government funding and site allocation for a new public hospital. Otherwise the strain on existing hospitals at Nepean, Liverpool, Campbelltown and Camden will be untenable.

Many people in the growth corridor will have lengthy travelling times to reach these other hospitals, which are already over-crowded and under-resourced.

The new hospital near Badgerys Creek must also have a large, high-quality peadiatric unit, in recognition of how this part of Western Sydney is becoming the youth capital of Australia.

One Nation recommends an early down payment on the hospital’s funding by abandoning the proposed Powerhouse Museum relocation to Parramatta, estimated to cost $1.1 billion.

It’s an insult to Western Sydney and our young families to think that museum facilities are more important to the region than a new hospital in and around Badgerys Creek specialising in paediatric care.

Both Labor and the Liberals are committed to spending huge amounts of public money on arts facilities in Parramatta when the overwhelming priority for the region should be hospital facilities to cope with the Penrith/Camden population explosion.

This is our age-long battle in Western Sydney: to provide essential services before the people move in.

I will fight as hard as possible to correct this latest planning atrocity in our region.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation also has a policy of cutting Australia’s permanent immigration program by two-thirds, to take these population pressures off Western Sydney in the first place.

Former Labor leader turned One Nation candidate Mark Latham has come out swinging on his first campaign pitch, accusing the NSW Berejiklian government of turning Sydney into a huge “unliveable construction site” ringed by “alien” residential towers.

Kicking off his campaign for the NSW election on March 23, Mr Latham was back at his favourite stomping ground yesterday: Sydney’s sprawling outer west.

Ten degrees hotter than the rest of Sydney and 60km from the nearest beach, the outer west has been earmarked as the site for Sydney’s new “purpose-built” city, Aerotropolis, and the city’s second international airport.

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I had a great chat with Chris Kenny on 2GB last night. We talked about where the Coalition’s going wrong – and what Shorten’s getting right.

Labor want to turn finance into an investment agency, turning taxpayer’s money into a casino. This is a major policy nightmare that every Australian should be aware of when thinking about Labor.

Also be aware: big immigration is propping up the country. That’s not good economic management. The economy isn’t working for the average Australian family.

Plus, the quality of the policy debate has declined. We must correct that.

Listen to the chat here.

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The Northern Daily Leader have run a piece today talking about NSW One Nation – and the call out for candidates across the state.

The piece says: “He [Mark] believes there is a mood for change in state’s regional seats, and has put the call out for potential candidates in the electorate to put their hand up.

“After huge swings in the Orange and Wagga Wagga by-elections, it is clear country people feel neglected by the Berejiklian government,” Mr Latham said.

“Pauline Hanson’s One Nation wants to overcome this neglect with positive solutions, especially during this testing time of drought.

“I see One Nation as a party of action, determined to get on with the job for people neglected by the Sydney-centric major parties…”

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