Our 10-Point Policy Plan

If elected to State Parliament on 23 March, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation will:

  • 1

    Cut electricity bills by $85 per annum by abolishing the NSW Electricity Tax.

  • 2

    Tender out a government contract for reliable baseload power to replace the coal-fired Liddell power station (due for closure in 2022) – vital for the State’s energy security.


  • 3

    Cut immigration numbers and introduce new planning controls to ease over-population, over-development and congestion in Sydney.

  • 4

    Instead of spending $810 million on the Olympic Stadium at Homebush, One Nation will put the money into much-needed capital works and maintenance for country hospitals.


  • 5

    During this time of drought, we will ensure NSW keeps more of its own water, for farmers and environmental flows, instead of flushing it down the mouth of the Murray.

  • 6

    Restore property rights for farmers, allowing them to build the dams and do the land clearing they need to keep their farms financially viable.


  • 7

    Reverse the slide in NSW school results by getting the system back-to-basics, with improved teacher quality, testing, grading and curriculum.

  • 8

    Outlaw the new Left-wing discrimination against men, boys, Christians and white people, including a ban on discriminatory ‘employment quotas’ and segregationist ‘safe spaces’.


  • 9

    Introduce new laws to protect freedom of speech, religious freedom and traditional Australian values and lifestyle (such as recreational fishing).

  • 10

    Build a new public hospital in Western Sydney (between Penrith and Camden) funded by abandoning the wasteful Powerhouse Museum relocation.


To see the full NSW One Nation Policy Plan, please go to: nsw.onenation.org.au. We have released more detailed policy documents than the major parties combined.